Thursday, August 25, 2016

College Access
Setting The Course

On Saturday August 13th I had the pleasure of attending the College Simulation Experience to speak on a panel for high school youth about the importance of Self Advocacy and role of Social Justice. The College Simulation Experience is an initiative dedicated to improving college retention rates for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This stylized enactment of college life used dramatic role playing to help pre-college students develop time management and financial management skills, as well as better understand the responsibilities associated with collegiate success. For the last two decades I've worked with youth, from preschoolers to college age students. Of my many experiences one of the most alarming has been the lack of career preparedness on the part of our young boys of color. It's been quite common for me to talk to a young man who is finishing his junior year or in the middle of his senior year of high school with a desire to go to college with no knowledge of the SAT; an entrance exam created by the College Board that's used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. When I say no knowledge I'm talking about they never even heard of it before. On a couple of occasions I've had this conversation with young men with their parents and the parents didn't know what the SAT was either. My response? I began to educate them, and youth as early as elementary school, about college access and provide them with the resources so they're successful in their undertakings. One project I did was the A.S.I.A. College Tour Project which enabled me to sponsor two high school students on a black college tour. In recent years I learned about another subject we need to be educated about in regards to college access and that is the trending concept of Previewing and Forward Credit summer school classes.

Previewing and Forward Credit Summer Classes are classes offered by high schools for students who are striving to get a head start on a class they'll be taking next year or to earn credit for a class they won't need to take next year. One of the sixth graders in my STYA Program actually earned Forward Credit this year taking a math and science class this summer before he starts middle school in the autumn. Students also take summer classes to accumulate AP [Advanced Placement] class credit because College Admission Boards look at AP exams. In many cities college access has become so competitive that high schools often hold summer school lotteries for students to be admitted to their programs. Many of these programs such as Northfield Mount Hermon in Massachusetts have tuition costs of $2,900 per day and $3,700 when English is a second language. Horace Mann School in Pelon [Bronx] offered a summer physics class to students for $4,175 and the Hun School of Princeton in New Jerusalem [New Jersey] offered boarding tuition for $5,675 this year. Therein lies a problem that widens a disparity that already exists between students who can afford this and low income students; low income students simply don't have access to these summer school programs and an opportunity to preview or earn forward credit for classes next year. low income students already find it difficult to compete and this puts them even further behind unless we can help supplement their access to creative ways. This is also important in terms of encouraging our youth to explore the trades and entrepreneurship as viable alternatives. Not because they can't compete but because data supports the fact that many of these students competing for college access usually don't settle into a career path that's in alignment with the degree and debt they spent their life paying for.

My young Queens don't come from a place of financial access where their mother and I had/have the kind of disposable income to pay for the college access other parents could. We've had to canvass the landscape to find any and every program available to give them an advantage to academically compete with those parents who could send two to three of their children to a Hun School of Princeton for summer without robbing Peter to pay Paul. This has also been challenging because we co-parent our Queens and reside in different states. Canvassing that landscape resulted in finding free SAT classes being offered on Saturdays, taking them on college tours, doing community service, networking to gain access to resources and enrolling them in programs such as project Forward Leap. We also encouraged them to explore high school sports or extracurricular activities they'd like which would could result in a partial or full scholarship to college. My eldest Queen Asiyah played lacrosse in high school and successfully earned an athletic scholarship to Howard University to play lacrosse; ranked #2 among all Black College and Universities by U.S. News and World Report. She's a senior this year and has been awarded Defense of Player of the Year twice. My youngest Queen Aziza also attends Howard and is in her sophomore year. She's 19 now and I have a picture of her wearing a Howard U shirt when she was 8 years old; which says a lot about her vision and ability to execute her plan to reach her goal. Although we as parents helped provide them with resources, encouragement and access to experiences to expand their mind and its possibilities, it was/is ultimately up to them to be self-determined and discipline enough to set forth a plan to reach their goals. It's their life, not ours and we're proud to see them evolve into young women.

As parents, we are like many parents who simply didn't or don't have the money to do certain things for our children that others could. What we didn't or don't have financially we learned to find or create. For example, every year since our Queens have been in college they've attended summer school to earn Forward Credit for college. They didn't have to pay for these classes because their ole Earth works Administration at a college where they could take these classes tuition free. We learned creative ways to help our children gain access to those resources and I've likewise shared these creative ways with parents and youth I've worked with over the years. While this is a start this definitely isn't enough and cannot replace actual credit hours many privileged students are literally buying during the summer to bolster their high school transcripts and earn free transportation to college. Even though The No Child Left Behind Act signed into law by George W. Bush over a decade ago [2002] under its Title One was established to distribute funding to schools and school districts with a high percentage of students from low-income families, funding needs to be directed to assist these students seeking to Preview and earn Forward Credit during School Classes. This funding is initially distributed to state educational agencies who then allocate those funds to local education agencies that invest those funds to public schools in need. This means that it will require active Parent/Teacher Associations and other Lobby Groups to work with local city and county elected officials who can leverage state officials to address this disparity. If you're already living in a school district where schools are already in need there is already funding being directed to those schools under the guise of No Child Left Behind. Therefore the goal is simply a redirection of funding already there to help improve college access and retention rates for disadvantaged students by offering SAT/ACT classes and practice exams, scholarships for students seeking Forward Credit in Summer Classes and even transportation to other schools in the district that programs that will help close the college access gap. 

In closing, whether you have children or not, you may have nieces, nephews, cousins or friends with children who need to understand this changing academic landscape in America where youth are no longer being sentenced to summer school for failing but choosing to go, and paying money, just to get ahead. This is setting the tone for the level of competitiveness within our future global market and the power dynamics between the Haves and Havenots. If we're not in a financial position for our children to formally Preview a class next year then we need to find out what they will be learning and have them enrolled in some program, find a tutor, tutor them ourselves or explore other creative ways to keep them academically competitive so they don't fall behind their peers. If we don't personally have the financial ability to help them enroll in summer classes to earn Forward Credit then we must consider creative ways to finance it such as crowdfunding, gofundme and etc. There are also organizations and agencies that provide scholarships to support youth like this. We gotta canvass the landscape! Many of our children aren't college bound and they also need to know that it's O.K., everybody isn't. However, they also must understand that they must have a career alternative such as learning a trades and being an entrepreneur. If they're not striving to legitimately eat to bring something to the table or build their own table they will be on someone's menu.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Relief Valveology (RV)
I recently had a dream about how systems work, or don't work, based upon a role of a relief valve. Over the years I've watched the ebb and flow of important issues within the mainstream media and various talking heads weigh in on everything from #BlackLivesMatter, police brutality, foreign policy, the 2016 Election and Monsanto to the show Empire, Caitlyn Jenner, LHHATL, Raven Symone and McDonalds offering breakfast All Day. While some of these critical perspectives and the dissatisfaction is genuine, I think many of them serve as valves to simply release pressure on "the system", not to fundamentally change anything.
So what is a relief valve (RV)? A relief valve (RV) is a gate-like device used to control or limit the pressure on a system or vessel that can cause that system's equipment to fail and become damaged. The valve is designed to safeguard a system by limiting the maximum amount of pressure on that system. To relieve that pressure the valve opens. When pressure conditions return to normal, the valve close. Without a relief valve pressure will continue to grow until other components in the system fail, thus ultimately relieving that pressure.

Sound familiar? Have you ever listened to the perspectives of some people and see that their underlying intent is safeguarding the system/status quo? What about those who function like a valve; they open [their mouth] to speak out on issues the people are dissatisfied about, yet close [their mouth] when the pressure to change those conditions returns back to normal? In Freemasonry this is the same role and responsibility of the Tiler/Tyler; a gate-keeper and symbolic valve used to [safe]guard the outer door to the lodge from potentially malicious, unqualified and nosey people. Tiler comes from the Latin word "tegere" which means 'to cover' or roof. In other words, this is a person who got the system covered... Although some of these people you see organizing rallies in cities, doing lectures, sharing videos and etc. may not be due paying members of a masonic lodge, they act as Tilers none the less. I elaborate on Tilers and other things in my latest book Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies. While some may even be on the government's payroll to quell the emotions of the public who are putting pressure on changing public policy, some are not but they both serve the purpose of maintaining the status quo. Keep in mind that I am not talking about Don Lemon or those who come from the David Clarke tribe. We know their posture and it's not to release the pressure building up within black/brown communities. It's obvious that they, and others, are here to safeguard the system that's already failing in many areas. I'm referring to those some of us assume are for a new system of things. I'm talking about some of these black militant, black conscious, nationalistic, religious, Pan-African, metaphysician, sovereign folks who appear to be banging on the system. I'm also talking about some of these white liberal, free-range, off the grid, anarchist, racism conference attending, political candidate Eminemians who appear to be banging on the system too. Some of them, are only here, to provide vent forums. And once you've gotten your concerns off of your chest while they nod their heads and articulate they understand, things remain the same. And if you ask too many questions, get deemed unqualified or accused of entertaining malicious intents against them or their leaders, you'll see the Tiler come out.
At the end of the day we must be mindful that some people are simply not invested in being change agents to help transform the conditions of this world. They're nothing more than relief valves that helps release the pressure being put on this system. It doesn't matter what gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation they are; they're all gate keepers. Age also doesn't matter because the older ones strive to socialize and incentivize the younger generation to do the same thing. There are some things right about what goes on here in America in comparison to other places in the world. There are also things that aren't right that needed to be changed yesterday, perhaps many years ago. In order to do this, knowledge must be our foundation, not sentimentality, being in our feelings or getting riled up to rally around talking heads who aren't invested in change. The more we know, the more we can personally and collectively do n order to see the changes in our families, communities and society as a whole. It's not about valve-like position aspirations or being proud that we're the only person of color on our job. The only pride in being a gate-keeper is safeguarding the lives of the most vulnerable members of our society; our youth, elders, women, disabled, disenfranchised and poor. And it shouldn't take pressure from these segments of our population to make changes in the way this system operates. When we don't, that pressure will continue to grow until other components in the system, including the system itself, will fail. It's not rocket science, I'm simply talking about relief valves. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Chapter 10 The Mystic Shrine: The ROJ [Royal Order of Jesters]

Eyes Wide Shut
The Science of Secret Societies

     What's the cable-tow symbolize? Where did the Illuminati begin? Do freemasons worship the Devil? Who was Haj Bektash Veli? How is the BoulĂ© Society structured? What Zodiac Signs correspond to the temple gates where Hiram Abiff was accosted? When can one become a Shriner?

     On July 18th I published my fifteenth book, Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies to answer these and many other questions for those who are misled, uninformed or intrigued by secret societies and how they function as special interest groups. A reference guide to the signs, symbols and hidden meanings within secret societies, this book unveils Freemasonry, the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Royal Order of Jesters, Knight Templars and many others. This science of Secret Societies will equip the reader with the tools to decode, assess and navigate the sociopolitical landscape that is hidden in plain sight.

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     As a Five Percenter, learning how these societies function is an essential part of our studies because we are directly opposed to secrecy and concealing the truth. One of our fundamental principles is Equality. We strive to be equal in everything, we advocate for one common cause and we don't do things to keep people apart from that. The only time we won't share something with someone is based upon tact and maturity, not because we have some obligation to keep something to ourselves. If it's not the appropriate time or space to share something I will share it when there is time and space. If a person isn't mature enough to receive something, I will share what they can receive until they're open for more. This book reinforces that posture because the majority of people are in the dark about what secret societies are, what they're aren't and how they function within society. They're in the dark because there is no real transparency on the part of these societies, thus people aren't receiving a comprehensive perspective about them. Those who have been a part of them, and who sought to expose what they learned, end up gaslighted, missing like William Morgan or paid off to come back into the fold. I take great pride in saying that Eyes Wide Shut is the single most comprehensive book on the subject and that other books should be referenced against it. It makes plain the signs, symbols and misleading language often used to "DIVERT A DISCOURSE... for the Honour of the worshipful Fraternity" as stated in Part 4 Section 2 of their Masonic Constitution discussing a freemason's BEHAVIOUR in the Presence of STRANGERS not MASONS. Much of what I share in this book you will not be able to Google. If you're serious about study and/or know others who are, this book is indeed a worthy investment in your library.

Eyes Wide Shut: The Science of Secret Societies 
is now available globally at Quanaah Publishing, Barnes & Noble


Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Eldest Queen Asiyah and her College Classmate
America, The Beautiful?

     It's been 10 days since the police murders of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the hanging of Michael George Smith Jr. and the deaths of 5 Dallas police officers. I wanted to take some time to work through my emotions and gather my thoughts before I shared them with all of you here. Let me start by saying that in times like this especially, our greatest resource and sense of clarity is in our youth. As Five Percenters we view them as the understanding and symbolic to a star: dispelling the darkness with the light of truth that's often light years from where many of us presently stand. I'm currently facilitating my STYA Summer Enrichment Program for 5 weeks and even though we've discussed these incidents they've helped me work through my emotions and make sense out of what I've been seeing. If you find yourself in a similar place I would encourage you to invest some quality time with our youth as well. Black people make up about 12% of the U.S. population while White People make up 63% of the U.S. population. With that mind, here are some statistics I want to bring to your attention:

  • Black people make up about 60% of the prison population.
  • 1 out of 3 black men will go to jail in their lifetime.
  • 70% of school related arrests or referrals to law enforcement are people of color.
  • From 1980-2007, 1 out of 3 25 million adults arrested for drugs were black.
  • Based upon population, of the 752 police deaths in 2015 blacks are 2 1/2 times more likely to be shot by police.

     Statistically there are many other racial disparities in regards to income, education, health, legislation and etc. These and other inequalities highlight the unstable quicksand like socioeconomic landscape that not just black people but all people in this country live upon. It's important to articulate that because some people are under the impression that whatever happens to 12% of the U.S. population has nothing to do with them, as if these lives don't matter. As I always say to people who brush things off that are happening on the other side of the world, the other side of their country, the other side of their state/province and the other side of town: be mindful because that can eventually be in your backyard.

     Of those disparities, one of the greatest concerns black people have historically had within America is with its law enforcement. Several months ago on December 18th and 21st of 2015 I had an opportunity to do a workshop with young men at Gaskill Middle School about the history of law enforcement in this country. The first and most important thing to understand about law enforcement is that it was never created to protect and serve black people or any people of color. In fact, law enforcement was created to maintain order, enforce law and protect the property of those who established it. Back in 1555 when millions of black people were brought to America via the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, white slave masters organized the first Slave Patrols to maintain order, enforce law and protect their plantations. These Slave Patrols in the South and Night Watchmen in the North evolved into police forces by the 1800s. The city of Boston is credited with organizing the first formal police force in 1830; a generation before slavery legally ended and slavery by another name began as a prison industrial complex via a ratified 13th Amendment. Again, these slave patrols, night watchmen and police forces were created to maintain the social order, enforce the laws and protect the property of the ruling class, which were not black and other people of color. The only difference in this power dynamic today is the militarization of these police forces across America. If there is any truth to the law enforcement adage "Protect & Serve", it clearly  has not historically applied to black people. This is the reason many people have and are advocating fundamental reforms in law enforcement and the criminal justice system; it was never created by or for the benefit of black people or any people of color in the first place. Since America's 1776 inception, its Founding Fathers formed a republic governed with politicians who forged policies that were protected by slave patrols and eventually the police. This begs the question that many of us continue to ask: How can we expect to get justice from an unjust system?

     Systemically, some things have not and will not change. Other things can be changed. Sometimes the system itself needs to be revamped. Depending upon the demographics and socioeconomic landscape of one's region and local city, systemic changes and the degree of resistance will vary. Some people may not consider that. In my city our local police force were one of the first in the country to invest in body cameras, without a bunch of prompting or protesting from the community. While there are many national similarities across the board in regards to racial disparities, police violence and inequalities, we must also take into account the regional and local similarities and differences. There is no silver bullet or one size fits all approach to address these issues and the sooner we understand that the better equipped we are to help resolve these issues. I recently saw a BLM Chapter in Minnesota calling for the disbandment of their local police force. That may be an effective approach where they live, not where you live.

In closing a want to offer seven points to consider wherever we may be in the U.S. or in other countries experiencing some of the same racial disparities, police violence and inequalities.

1. Environmentally there are no boundaries for consciousness; this is why so much is invested in media that socially engineers narratives that distracts, deceives, confuses and emotionally destabilizes the people. The largest investment in any country is not its military it's their media. The media is the conduit of its cultural ideas and icons; their greatest export that their military ultimately protects. I've said this numerous times and I will continue to say it: we must use our platform to CONSISTENTLY control the narrative and amplify our voice. Facebook Live and Periscope have been a great resource people are now using to inspire, empower and educate others. However, lets put more than put our two cents in and be a CONSISTENT voice of clarity. What we have to say is worth more than that, don't you think?

2. Some people often talk about good cops taking a stand against bad cops and their need to crack the blue code of silence yet don't offer suggestions how. With any people who are expected to take a stand against injustices, especially when they're in the minority, we must consider their need for a safe-space to do so. In this case a safe-space is a place an officer can fully express themselves without fear of retaliation against them and/or their family or them being made to feel uncomfortable, unwanted or bullied on account of standing against police corruption. If we expect our officers to have integrity like Frank Serpico then we also need to have their back because some of their partners, an entire precinct and possibly IA (Internal Affairs) may not.

3. Be a constituent, not a voter. The power in the political process is not in itself voting it's in constituency. The difference is one votes with a voice, the other votes with money where their mouth is. On a regional and local level get to know who our officials are and their jurisdictions. Then find out who their constituency is; those who are financially backing them. Then we will see the basis of their policies and expose their political agendas. Even more so we can start identifying or organizing lobbyist groups who are aligned with our agendas and engage these regional and local law makers about what matters to our group, with money, not just our mouth. There's strength in numbers and the numbers in our pocket.

4. Prayer changes things.., when you do something about those "things" after you're done praying. Ever since George W. Bush founded the Faith Based Community Initiative in 2001, churches and other religious organizations have been getting millions of federally funded social service dollars from the U.S. government. One of the reasons you see many of these institutions less likely to get involved with social justice issues, and if they do they're supportive of the status quo, is because they don't want to bite the hand that's feeding and breeding them. Knowing this, as a congregant you need to hold your leader's feet to the fire and demand that some of your financial support go towards projects, programs, initiatives and collaborations that directly address the racial disparities in your city. If they're unwilling to do anything or their solution is to just pray for your city, you know what time it is.

5. It's a fact we have feelings yet our feelings aren't always a fact. As a matter of fact, our feelings can heal or hurt, build or destroy. We can only make that determination from a conscious place. I know it's challenging, and it may take everything in us to share or not some things, yet we must put thought into what we choose to share. Don't just be angry, articulate that anger. Although I'm sure many of the things I've seen on social media and hear in conversations are well intended. Our children just don't need to pay for our well meaning mistakes.

6. Allies will align themselves with you, don't go begging for them. Keep in mind that white allies must give up a lot in order to systematically fight against racial disparities, police violence and inequalities, not just protest about these issues. Most aren't built like that. How do I know? Because if the majority of the 63% of their U.S. population were built like that we wouldn't be having this discussion right now. The same white allies were outnumbered during slavery and segregation, that's why the status quo remained the same, that they still got privileges from. They were always grossly outnumbered and some really weren't who they say they were. Also, trying to appeal to a moral conscience of white people, and other people of color, who are not convinced that black lives matter is an exercise in futility. Slaves didn't get free by putting forth some bullet proof argument to convince their masters it was wrong or by making them feel ashamed about their actions. Regardless, we have to be committed enough to do things on our own to protect and support one another.

7. The historical and present day racial disparities, police violence and inequalities against black people in the U.S. and in other colonialist countries don't have any thing to do with race, they have everything to do with race.


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Universal Flag
Through Triple Stage Darkness
By Allah Universal Lord Life Justice Shabazz

The Universal Flag of Allah's Five Percent symbol is science. The science is about family; which reflects the Creator's diversity. The symbol is made of a #7, Sun, Moon and Star. This symbolizes man, woman, and child from the cosmic point of view. This is not religion of Islam but the science of Allah; there is no belief in this explanation. As we look into the cosmos, we see the Sun.  This Sun is a remnant of a Great Sun which created all matter which exists within our universe today.

Most religions subscribe to an morphological view in which the Creator is anthropomorphized: almost that man made Allah in "his" image and likeness, instead of the other way around. It takes a lot of atomic, cosmic and planetary construction  to coming around to creating man in the image. First you need a place for the event to occur. Next things have to change from a concept to an actual act or manifestation. That requires that the energy/matter that was undifferentiated become differentiated -not all over just in the area that was circumscribed for it. So the first sphere or bubble made in the vast undifferentiated energy matter was to distinguish the objective realm from the subjective realm. Its easy to know which is which: The objective realm is the place where all the objects will become. The subjective realm is the realm where the subject of our story will create a universe in the image of the one who created it. So the bubble is like the egg and the universe or objective realm is the first image that reflects Allah. The Great Sun is the "baby in the bubble" so to speak. The "baby"  is not man but electromagnetic atomic energy of the Sun. Religions like to use the word "spirit" but we refer to it as the first organization of atomic, electric, magnetic forces. Science not religion (although the ancients incorporated both).

Another way of looking at the birth of the Sun in triple stage darkness is that in the Sun is the birth and origin of all energy and all matter. How would you expect an infinite entity to manifest itself? Answer: Through an infinitude of forms originating from one source and maintaining a sense of cohesiveness or belonging (like a baby to its mother or a toddler to its nuclear family). There are three states of matter; gas, liquid and solids. When an implosion then explosion gave birth to the Great Sun, the flames transmuted the gases into molten liquids -which kept mutating through radioactivity. Through its enormous size and its spinning, portions of the Great Sun were flung into space. Some of the balls of this molten transmuting substance remained inflamed, while others cooled on their surface. Thus the birth of stars, solar systems, and planets came into being from one Great Sun. This was the first vehicle for Allah's willed consciousness and represents the foundation and all knowledge. Here reflected, is the Sun representing the quality of the creator; the point of origin of ALL things within the universe, as the creator formed the universe in a portion of itself. That is what the Sun represents on our flag symbol.

In the Bible, in the book of Genesis, human is formed three times. Just like the Great Sun, Allah willed man into being; first as a concept (consciousness), then the energies (of the undifferentiated energy/matter inside the bubble) marshaled in accordance to Allah's will (the soul), finally the matter being summoned, followed suit by reflecting the organization of its etheric double (flesh). Adam and Eve, in the story called Genesis, came into existence as A SINGLE ENTITY, FIRST. Read closely. Adam was lonely, and as Allah uses creation to reflect on Allah's said qualities, Allah distinguished woman in contradistinction to man; endowing her as the vessel to bear the fruit. This is the meaning of the Moon. In this act, Allah distinguished woman's soul from "he" and created "her" from "he" (H=8 in the Supreme Alphabet), but at first it was WE. Marriage now symbolizes compatibility, congruency and reestablishes the union when the TWO ARE MADE AS ONE. This is something all but forsaken in Western society with its independence and rugged individualism.

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and the woman's menstrual cycle is tied to the Moon.  In Khamit [Khemet/Egypt], the Moon (and in our culture) symbolizes wisdom.  As such, she represents the RE-PRODUCTIVE FACTOR and all consideration through reflection; which is wisdom. Wisdom is to see the inner relationships between all things and respond appropriately. Wisdom is the way that reflects what one knows. This implies "to know better, you should do better" -if you are indeed wise. The Sun is the symbol of knowledge and the Blackman, the Moon is the symbol of wisdom and the Blackwoman and the understanding is the Star or child.  Family. Unity. Unified. One aim. One destiny. Knowledge is the foundation, wisdom is the way, understanding shows you when you are on your way. This is our life. The emphasis here is that everything came from the ONE and that Allah is experiencing Allah's qualities through a particular vessel and all vessels as well. When Allah wanted to start the process, Allah created the Atom. Allah experienced the atomic WORLD, then Allah started organizing the states of matter by experimenting with gases and then bang! The Great Sun was formed. Then Allah experimented with radioactivity and transmuting of gases into liquids and solids. Thus, the elemental and mineral kingdom was manifested as a result. Allah experienced that world and decided to make the elemental world; the basis of the mineral kingdom, the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms. Most creatures are formed in a semi-solid, liquid state, incorporating liquids, solids and gases. But here we are only speaking of gases and the manifestation of the Great Sun, other life forms were not made manifest yet.

The Spark

When the Great Sun spun on its own axis, portions of its molten substance were flung into space. Whether they remained hot (Stars) or not (Planets), their molten  core is a reminder of where they came from and their contribution is not only for the planet itself, but also the solar system. Those portions which turned totally cold became asteroids and meteorites. When we study the human body we see the same phenomenon at work. Billions of cells each functioning in their area of specialty; yet existing only for the sake of the entire organism. An organ, such as a heart or lung, as vital as it is for the life of a human, cannot maintain its own life outside of the body! Even though many of these organs send chemical signals to each other to coordinate function -which suggests some degree of consciousness or awareness of itself and its needs-, their culture never suggests a self centered function, unless it is malaise. It's ironic that we never view our body as an amalgamated collection, just as one being, yet when we think family we think of the components and not the fact that we are one. All is one. ALLah is one. Our consciousness came from one consciousness, our bodies came from one undifferentiated energy/matter yet most cannot see the fact that we were never really separated -unless you can say that bubbles are not composed of the substance they are spawned out of. . .

The above symbol is what we call our Universal  Flag. It symbolizes the corresponding elements between Sun, Moon and Star; Man, Woman and Child; Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding with Allah being the Grand Architect and custodian of them all. The family is a reflection of Allah with the Blackman being the custodian. The Five Percenters [AKA: Nation of Gods and Earths] are a reflection of Allah with an aware Blackman being its custodian. God/Man is expected to unhold and maintain the standard. The aware Blackman is to keep the code, lessons and principles as well as speak and live by Mathematics. The Blackman is to become the personification of knowledge and Allah, in time, through focus, growth and development. The Blackwoman seeing that he is just and true, reflects this understanding of the knowledge and truth he personifies into the family structure; like the Earth receives the light of the Sun to give birth to the crops, fruit or understanding. Now the Sun has eight points and the star has five. That is not to point out the difference between Father and Son or Knowledge and Understanding. This shows growth through refinement.  We know and understand that we can see a Star off in the distance, and by the time we get to that star, we find out it has a solar system of its own. In this scenario, in order for this Star to make itself known, that light had to travel a great distance. While light may travel 186,000 miles per second, the distance from Star to Star, or light giving planetary source to the next light giving source, is measured in light year increments moving at the speed of light. To us, as I-God scientists, the distance symbolizes growth and experience. A five pointed Star symbolizes Allah experiencing life in human form through the five appendages: Arm-Leg-Leg-Arm-Head, refining power as the experience shows the righteous way. This is done by understanding Allah's wisdom or being wise in Allah's understanding. The science that accompanies our eight pointed Sun is our eight point curriculum of Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, Student Enrollment, Lost/Found Lesson Number One, English C Lesson One, Lost/Found Lesson Two, Actual Facts and Solar Facts. Each point consists of a black side and a gold side. This symbolizes the dominant and recessive aspects of our genetics; the so-called "black germ" and the "brown germ" used in hybrid breeding and other forms of birth control. Each point is at a 45 degree angle from each other. This symbolizes our full realization into our true identity, wholly separate from the one superimposed upon us by Western society (8 x 45=360).  Each point is also 15 degrees wide. This symbolizes our 120 lessons (8 x 15) which allowed us to understand the significance of our journey as a people, and to awaken us to our self realization.

The #7 is in the center to remind the Blackman that he is God and all this centers around him remaining true to the culture of I-God. Allah is All and all is one. The Blackman is the custodian of this sacred phenomenon: lead the family; resurrect our nation. God is Allah experienced through the body of the Blackman; yet it is a group reality upheld and experienced through the eyes of one. Each one teach one; I am because we are.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Free Government Cheese

Minority Report

Four years ago on March 22nd, 2012 I wrote an article  addressing the specific role of people who are classified as white, within our Nation. You can read that article here: Caucasian Five Percenters. Almost eight years ago on September 8th, 2008 I also shared a video dealing with the same subject matter. You can watch that video here: Do Gods and Earths teach Caucasians? I'm referencing them for those of you who never saw them and for those of you who would like to look at them again. It's important, especially nowadays, seeing that this subject has come up again. Due to recent events among the Five Percent I think it's necessary to elaborate on this again, yet from a different perspective. Today I will elaborate more on our specific posture, as original people, when it comes to Caucasians who want to learn our culture.

As Five Percenters we see ourselves as civilized people and as civilized people we are not required to teach/give somebody our cultural curriculum; Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. According to our lessons, civilize means to teach knowledge and wisdom of all the human families of the planet earth. Our lessons also confirm that civilization is one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and is not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. We further learn that the duty of a civilized person is to teach he [of her] who is savage civilization, righteousness, the knowledge of himself, the science of everything in life, love, peace and happiness. None of these lessons say or even imply that we must give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. In my early years of having KOS [Knowledge Of Self] I didn't understand this and anyone who seemed halfway interested in my culture I would start formally teaching them Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. The result of that was people sifting through all of the time and teachings I shared with them to simply preserve what they considered to be the best part for themselves. All of them learned Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons to some degree. When it came down to application, some only went as far as no longer eating pork meat. Others legally changed their name and/or gave their children righteous names. Some literally moved to Jerusalem to live off of the grid and many others became successful leaders in their respective industries and credit it to what they learned through me. If I would have been wise enough to properly assess what resonated with them the most upfront, I could have saved time and resources by simply teaching them that. Nowadays I'm not so quick to just formally give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. I know that if more of us took that responsible approach today we wouldn't see the degree of inconsistency, insincerity, disloyalty, inactivity and outright ignorance in our nation.

In the past I've noted that people reached out to me to from around the world in order to learn more about my culture and many of them were Caucasian. That was 4 years ago and even more people reach out to me now. From what I've seen among some of the Five Percent is they haven't been taught how to handle this situation when they want to learn. Some simply say we teach all the human families of the planet earth, use Azreal as a template, and give them everything. Others say we cannot reform the devil and wouldn't touch a white person with a ten foot pole. Neither usually offers practical procedures or a basic "how to" handle it when the situation arises. Oftentimes you hear name calling and rhetorical jargon to cosign what someone personally wants to do.

Musa's hard time

Let me again reiterate that we are civilized people. As a civilized person, the most just position we can take in regards to anybody learning, including Caucasians, is that everyone has the opportunity to be civilized. Whether they'll do what is necessary to be civilized and advocate civilization, that is entirely up to them, not us. If they don't follow through we cannot be in a position to be blamed for it. That would be wrong and according to our lessons we are all wise, righteous, just and true. If they don't follow through it must be because they denied themselves, not because we denied them by saying they ain't got what it takes, they're weak or etc. To say what somebody will/won't be able to do puts us in a position to possibly be proven wrong -and some people live to prove others wrong, right? Right. If we consider ourselves just or a standard of justice, this also puts our sense of justice in a position to possibly be proven flawed. It's like a plumber talking about how perfect their work was in stopping a leak, but then water finds a way to seep through. What does that say about their work and the materials they used to complete it? The wisest posture we can have towards anyone is that they have a chance to clean themselves up. Again, this chance doesn't mean we're required to teach/give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. This means that we must be a source of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture, refinement and not a savage in the pursuit of happiness. By saying "everyone has a chance", we cannot be blamed for any of their shortcomings. If we were to say "you have no chance" and a person some how pulls off the impossible, we look like an ass and our standard of judgement does too. 

Our 9th degree in the 1-14's is specifically there to represent this chance. It highlights a blameless posture and reiterates that our sense of justice is flawless. This is why is proceeds the 10th degree which declares a person is 100% incorrigible. You cannot proclaim somebody 100% weak, wicked and lawless without first giving them a chance to have access to the law. Then and only then can we say they didn't obey. That is justice and in the 9th degree that justice is symbolic to a sword. One of the things I often share with other Five Percenters is this: the same sword we may hold over someone's head in order to correct them is actually in our hand. Therefore we must hold ourselves to a much higher standard of righteousness and civilization than what we expect from others; it's literally in our hands. Again, I am not talking about giving somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. I'm talking about the proper attitude and posture of a civilized person and how we need to treat anybody.

Let's get into some other things that I want to clarify about Caucasians striving to learn our culture. One of the issues that come up is their names. First and foremost, original people within our nation choose righteous names because most of our original names, language, customs and traditions were taken from us via the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonialism. This arrested our cultural development and disconnected us from our identity and ancestral legacy. This didn't happen to Caucasians. Because many of our people do not know the original language or names our ancestors used we choose righteous names to reconnect with the principles and values that denotes our true identity as the Fathers and Mothers of civilization. It's not necessary for a Caucasian woman who is of Irish descent to change her name from Aileen Murphy; that's Irish and a part of her uninterrupted ancestry. It's also not necessary for a Caucasian man of Italian descent to call himself anything other than his Italian birth name Alessio Dinapoli; his family is from Naples. Even when the scenario is a Caucasian person who considers themselves American, yet they're primarily a hodgepodge of European ancestry; their birth name is still going to represent part of that uninterrupted German, French, Dutch or etc. lineage. It's their job to bring honor to their birth name and be a righteous example to their family, community and people as a whole. Now some would argue that the Father gave Azreal a righteous name and that is not true. Azreal is not one of our names. Let me also share this, whenever a Five Percenter meets another Five Percenter there are 3 primary questions that's asked: 1.) What's your name? 2.) What degrees [lessons] are you dealing with and how long have you had KOS [Knowledge Of Self]? and 3.) Who is your educator? In regards to names, it's not uncommon to meet someone with one that isn't right and exact or a name they cannot show and prove. When this occurs the person is corrected and told to choose something different. Examples of this is a dude with the name Equality, a 50/50 dude in prison claiming he's half Blood and half Five Percent with the name Murder Allah or a Caucasian woman with Divine in her name. Whenever a person is addressed about this, especially by our elders, and they still refuse to make the necessary changes, that bold defiance is viewed as a sign of disrespect, contempt and the unwillingness to adhere to our cultural standards. Back in the day people got their ass whopped for that. Nowadays people usually get bombed [chastised] and banned from attending any local, regional and national events because they're not listening or striving to learn anyway.

In regards to regalia, original women, who represent the Earth within our nation, cover 3/4th's of their body and customarily wear head wraps [crowns]. As the Earth is covered 3/4th's under water, 139,685,000 square miles of water and 57,255,000 square miles of land, our women dress modestly. Also, in many tropical/equatorial countries the head wrap was used to protect our woman's head from the sun rays. We consider all of this her refinement because that style of dress reflects the cultural elegance, sophistication, grace and status of a Queen. Caucasian women who are striving to learn about our culture should also dress modesty, yet not as our Queens or the Earth because she's not them. The same can be said about Caucasian men; they shouldn't be wearing our crowns, especially with "Allah" on it, because they are not the true and living God. Anyone on the outside looking in should not be confused about what they're looking at and never mistake a Caucasian for a God or Earth. 

In closing, keep in mind that Five Percenters are not a Rainbow Coalition nor are we Black Militants. We are critical thinkers and have an allegiance to the truth, regardless where it comes from. Those of us who are educators, who know our cultural curriculum, "informally" teach that truth to anyone yet choose who we want to "formally" teach. Informal education is like general civilization; people learn just simply observing or being in proximity to us. Formal education is like training units; people directly learn more specifically about our culture and how we live. Whether it's general civilization or training units that still does not require us to give somebody Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons. Training can be any form of basic instruction, guidance or exercises we use to inspire, empower and educate people to be more civilized. Our cultural curriculum is sacred and should never be handed out to people like welfare cheese or we're on the block hittin' licks. I encourage those of you who are coming in contact with Caucasians who are interested in learning to refer to my article Caucasian Five Percenters. It gives you further insight on how to approach that situation and what to expect from Caucasians. You're not obligated to give them Supreme Mathematics, the Supreme Alphabet or 120 lessons but you are obligated to treat them civilized and share with them any general civilization and/or training units they can use to help clean themselves up to be a better resource within their home, community, among their own people, to original people and to the planet earth. Their men and women cannot be Gods or Earths because God and the Earth was already here and accounted for before they got here. They're not Kings or Queens 'within' our nation because that is not their birth right, role or title here. As the Fathers and Mothers of civilization we were the rulers and established this righteous monarchy before they got here. When it comes to their own household and community it's important that they govern those domains with righteous authority and be royal standards among their own people. The bottom line is Caucasians who come among us can learn to do like us yet cannot be us. 


Monday, June 13, 2016

120 Lessons
Role Playing Games and Elevation

Back in the day one of my favorite role-playing games [RPGs] for the NES [Nintendo Entertainment System] was called Rygar. Visually it's nothing in comparison to today's computer graphics but the story line, difficulty level and graphics were golden when in dropped in '86. I was eleven at the time. Rygar was a warrior who came back from the dead to defeat an evil being who had taken over the peaceful land of Argool. In his quest Rygar uses a fiery shield and other weapons to accomplish this task of restoring peace throughout the land. Also, important clues are given to him by large sage-like men that he meets in green stone temples throughout the game. To complete each stage Rygar had to defeat a God and the final God he fought in his castle in the sky. One of the complexities of this game is the fact that it did not save and when the game ended; you had to start from the beginning. Playing this game wasn't easy and everybody didn't mess with Rygar.

When I first got KOS [Knowledge Of Self] through learning to recite and study 120 lessons I couldn't help but recognize the parallels between my degrees and role-playing video games like Rygar. Like Rygar, we as scientists of life, are the lessons central figure whose striving to complete a series of quests to reach the conclusion of its central storyline; national consciousness, community control and peace. Our Argool is the planet Earth. Along our quest there are also various people places and things we encounter and learn life lessons from. In 120 there are approximately 100 characters (Doctor, Little Boy, Musa, Mother and etc.) 60 geographic locations (India, West Asia, Africa, North America and etc.) and 40 objects (Coat, Gold, Steel, Shield and etc.). Like with all role-playing video games such as Rygar, exploring different realms is vital to its game play. In 120 that realm or world is 196,940,000 square miles; 57,255,000 sq. miles of land, 139,685,000 sq. miles of water and 790,613,581,824,000,000 sq. inches in total. We also learn that this world is one among other planets, in a solar system, in proximity to the Sun. While some were approaching these degrees as just information to memorize, I began to realize that these degrees were stages teaching me how to navigate life. If you failed a stage in Rygar you had to return to the beginning. If you didn't know a degree in 120 you have to go back to the beginning of that degree, or possibly all of your lessons, to get it right and exact.

The irony of this is that there are those who claim to be Five Percenters, and those seeking to learn this culture, who treat this way of life like it's a game. They're not serious about civilization, righteousness or the knowledge of themselves; they're playing. They don't know 120 or aren't striving to learn our degrees -which is 6/8th's or 75% of what we learn about the culture. Although this is customary among Five Percenters, if you ask "them" questions about our lessons they get offended or start ducking and dodging you like a bill collector or the repo man. 
100% of the Map.
Another very important aspect of 120 that I strive to communicate is that it's a map. This map highlights the chronology, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things from the perspective of the original people. While we are currently in 2016 according to the Christian Calendar, as Five Percenters we recognize this year as 15,102 according the Asiatic Calendar. While most celebrate January 1st at midnight as the New Year, we recognize the Spring Equinox at sunrise as the New Year. While there are certain cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things we recognize in common, they're from a different vantage point of view. For example, if we're talking about the founding of this country, while some whites and people of color identify with America's forefathers Declaration of Independence, we see it as colonization and some of our ancestors government sanctioned enslavement even though some of us were enslaved here for 221 years prior to 1776. It's an entirely different perspective of the world, what is or isn't significant to us and how we as first world people relate to the other members of the human family and the planet earth. In one of our lessons we learn about the purpose and establishment of Freemasonry and Shrinedom. While there is a general customer service explanation of its origins in Europe in 1717 we learn that it started with us at a much earlier date when we taught Caucasians how to build homes for themselves and live a respectful life. In regards to nomenclature, there are certain words and phrases we don't use among ourselves that are fine to use in another society. Instead of using "try" we use "strive" because try simply means to fail. While others simply speak of "time" we call it "true I master equality." Learning 120 is a rewiring of our brains which creates a new psychological orientation to think differently about ourselves and what we've been taught about life -especially from the youngest members of the human family, not the fathers and mothers of civilization. It's a psychological orientation that equips us with the proper knowledge, wisdom and understanding to become culturally free and empowered to live a life of peace and harmony. By default, this perspective dismantles the concept of white supremacy, racism, sexism and other maladaptive ideals. I talk about this journey in more detail on Episode 3 of Atlantis Build Talk Radio "The Three Fold Path."
In closing, I cannot stress enough that 120 is 6/8th's or 75% of what we learn about the culture. If this were reflected in the above map it would represent the majority of it. Imagine striving to navigate that map with only 12.5% [Supreme Mathematics] or even 25% [Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet] of it. This means that the majority of the chronology, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things from the perspective of the original people would be missing. It would look exactly like below; the same map as above yet the white highlights all that a person is missing.

25% of the Map.

This is one of the reasons there are people who claim to be Five Percenters who demonstrate a contradictory lifestyle; they don't have 120 and they're filling in the blanks and making up stuff as they go, especially those without an Enlightener [navigator]. Because some people don't know their degrees there's a chronology of our people, nomenclature, cultural landmarks, events, people, places and things they do not see on this map. Will they come across some things? Yes, given the proper attitude, aptitude and altitude yet it's still guesswork and literally searching for something that doesn't exist. This is also what makes a person easily led... Does this mean that just because someone has the map that they're all good? Hecks naw! Even if someone knows the map they still need to make wise navigational decisions and understand it culturally. There are those who may know 120 forwards and backwards yet still aren't doing what's necessary to advance to higher stages of life. All in all, if you're striving to learn and live out the culture of the Five Percent you need to learn 120 along with Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. Don't stagnate, elevate.